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Providing a great service while helping people around the world.
Giving back and paying it forward is not just something we do; it is the heart of who we are at American West. To us, it is an honor and a privilege to support those that are underserved in our own communities, as well as internationally.

Alongside my wife, Cathie, the American West Way began as a mission project as a way to give back to our communities almost three decades ago. Currently, together with American West employees and trusted clients like you, American West has been able to provide freshwater wells in Ethiopia and Uganda, as well as starting schools in India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Zambia. In the United States, the program has supported many food ministries including feeding more than 1-million people in the Santa Ana region of California.

Each year, 10% of American West profits go to support organizations and those in need. This is our heart and it’s our privilege serving those in need, as well as serving our daily clients.

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